Product code: [911-357DB-10]

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LR 1st Molar;  .022 slot; Single Buccal Tube (SBT); Direct Bond.

-10 Torque.   

Product Characteristics:

  • Patient comfort is ensured with smooth rounded surfaces and lowered mesiogingival hooks.

  • Metal Injection Molded (MIM) stanless Steel material for strength and proven performance.

  • Large funneled entrance acts as a guide for easy wire insertion, resulting in reduced chair time

  • Lowest possible profile to optimize patient comfort without hindering the precision and control needed for case completion.

  • Micro-etched bondable pad to maximize bond adhesive (80 gauge mesh)

Easy Placement:

  • Color-coded ID mark for easy identification.

  • Side grip areas for tweezers to hold and position bracket.

  • Defined buccal indent for accurate stability and placement.

  • Compound contoured base design for superior fit and bond strength.

Pack of 10.